Blog Title : How Can Google Search Engine Optimization Help You To Grow Your Business?

These days, Google has become the most popular search engine in the world. More than 93% of the total worldwide is generated from Google. So, if you want to promote your business, products, or services, you need to appear on the search results pages of Google, and for that, you will need Google Search Engine Optimization.

Google Search Engine Optimization is a complicated process of modifying the websites and web-pages in such a way that it becomes easier for Google algorithms to find your site or web-pages among billions of other websites and web-pages.

In recent times, there are many agencies coming into action in Bangkok who are offering very affordable, efficient, and effective Google Search Engine Optimization facilities. Among them, My Social Media Squad or MSMS, is a very prominent name. In the following, some of the simple methods are described by which My Social Media Squad is offering the facility of Google Search Engine Optimization to make your appearance more visible in the prominent search engine. Apart from Google, there are many other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Duck Duck Go, AOL, ASK, also available, but their market share extremely lower than Google. According to a study, about 93% of the total global searches are facilitating by Google, which is conducted over the internet, so you can easily determine the essentially of Google. In the following, some of the very common ways of Google Search Engine Optimization are described.

Key-word Analyzing and Keyword Dumping:

Before starting, you need to realize which KEYWORDS your potential consumers are going to type in the Google Search box. You need to find relevant words and phrases to inform Google; this process is called keyword analyzing. After that, you need to inform Google about the keywords by merely registering and connecting your website and Web-pages with the keywords in Google’s search console. This joint operation is an excellent way of Google Search Engine Optimization.

Meta Tag or Metadata Creation:

Meta Data or Meta Tag is becoming essential for the Google Search Engine Optimization process. The Metadata contains the necessary and essential details of the web-page, which allows Google to find your web-page among billions of other Web-pages faster easily. These days, Digital Marketing experts are hiring specialist content writers to write these Metadata to attract more consumers.

Back-link Generation:

Back-links are one of the earliest ways to promote websites and particular Web-pages over the internet. The back-links or incoming links are the connections of Web-pages that connect one page with the other and mostly used for 3rd party websites. So, how many back-links your website has a better position will appear in the search results. These days, My Social Media Squads are using various platforms to generate back-links to promote the websites of their clients as it can effectively show growth in the Google Search Engine Optimization process.

Content Marketing:

In the Google Search Engine Optimization process, Content Marketing is playing an essential role. The prominent digital marketing agency, My Social Media Squad, have hired several extraordinarily qualified and experienced content writers who are responsible for creating exciting Blogs, Articles, Info-graphics, Reviews, PowerPoint Presentations, Web Contents and many more to promote their client’s business, websites, products and services over the internet.
In Google Search Engine Optimization process contents also plays a very critical role in a back-link generation. Most of the back-links are created upon the materials created by the content writers.

E-Mail Marketing:

In Google Search Engine Optimization process E-mails play a very crucial role. If you want to directly communicate with your clients and inform them about your new offers or anything unusual is going to happen, e-mails can be the most effective and efficient solution for you. These days, My Social Media Squad is offering the service of various crisply written, exciting, and catchy e-mails to the potential consumers of their clients to promote your business, products, or services.

Featured Snippets:

Featured snippets are a collection or summery of data which can be directly shown to the users who are using Google for searching. In Google, the Search Engine Optimization process will become more valuable, and as of now, more than 62% of searches in Google are being completed on the first page of search results.

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